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Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Perhaps while you were busy with family and

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work, stuff started piling up. And now it’s unmanageable. Or maybe organization simply isn’t your forté. Yet you long for a home that’s simple. Elegant. Inviting. No chaos. But there’s never enough time to put it all in order.


One-time service or on-going assistance

Believe me, I understand the challenges. I’ve seen it all, and I know how easy it is for a home to get out of control. But I can help you set up a system that works for you — something you can live with.

Jeannie Holmes, Clean Sweep Organizing
Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area,
Western Wisconsin and Florida.

“We can make your home twice its size by putting
everything in its place.”

Specializing in Staging and Home Prep for Real Estate Sales

Affordable Redesign of Existing Closets
  Expert Carpentry Services Provided
  Personally Organized to Match Your Work and Lifestyle by
   Applying My Simple Closet Redesigns

I’ve been a professional organizer since 2000 and I am a member and past vice president of NAPO MN (National Association of Professional Organizers). I also have a deep understanding, compassion and many years of experience working with clients living with ADD, learning disabilities and emotional issues.

Before Clean Sweep Organizing Disorganized Messy Living RoomBefore Clean Sweep OrganizingAfter Clean Sweep Organizing Transformed Living RoomAfter Clean Sweep Organizing


“I am your typical disorderly bachelor musician. My idea of organization is trying to remember where on the floor I left a particular shirt, medicine bottle, or CD. My beautiful dining room table had long since disappeared under a mound of stuff. My living room furniture was blocked with sheet music — totally unusable.

Enter Jeannie. I couldn't believe the changes. The table is its former beautiful self. The random mounds are now a series of neat stacks, placed in categories. CD's are in one place, music in another, business correspondence in still another, and so on. Wow. Jeannie is indeed a great organizer."

—Walter O., Minneapolis

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Home Organizing
  Kitchens and Pantries
  Basements, Garages and Attics
  Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  Closets and Linens
  Family Rooms and Dens
  Home Offices
  Filing and Paper Management 
  And More

Assistance with Transitions
  Preparing and Staging Home for Sale
  Packing and Unpacking — Organizing After Move
  Opening/Closing Second Home for Season
  Assisting Widow/Widower with Loved One’s Belongings
  Downsizing from Home to Assisted Living
  Preparing for and Conducting Estate Sales

Exceptional Home Cleaning Services
  Deep Cleaning — Top to bottom
  Regular Cleaning — Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly
  Seasonal Cleaning
  Before and After Parties
  Move-in and Move-out Cleaning

Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Free Consultation for Initial Assessments
Organizing Services: $70/hour
Home Cleaning Services: $45/hour

Weekend/Evening Rates/Holiday Rates
Rates may run slightly higher than during normal
business hours. Please inquire.

Gift Certificates Available!

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